Any of Our Salad/Wrap/Panini Items Can Either Be a Salad, a Wrap, or a Panini on the Bread of the Day. Wraps & Panini are Served with Homemade Sweet Potato Fries & Love. Homemade Dressings Available for Salads: Popeye’s Ranch, Apricot Cashew Vinaigrette, Apple Pineapple Almond Vinaigrette, or Roasted Sweet Pepper Basil Vinaigrette. Add Cheese to Any Salad, Wrap or Panini for $1.15.

*Please Note Any & All Allergies When You Order * Yes, There ARE Gluten Free Options for Almost Every Menu Item—(the only things that can’t be GF are marked (*)) * MP=Market Price * Everything is Homemade with Love, so Please ENJOY!

There are Gluten Free, Paleo Friendly, & Other Allergy Friendly Options for Almost All of the Menu Items.  So, Please Choose an Item & Specify Your Needs. Please Note Any & All Allergies When You Order. (the only items that can’t be GF are marked (*))
For Our Vegan and Vegetarian Friends, We Have an Obvious Selection Throughout, but Feel Free to Request Any Item Without Meat, Dairy, &/or Eggs as You Prefer & We Substitute Locally Roasted Veggies & Avocado, Cashew Cheese, & Ackee Respectively.

All prices are in KYD & A 15% Staff Appreciation Charge is Built into the Menu Price on all Items & Orders. We Include This Charge Because We Would Like You to Know That a Part of Your Payment Goes Directly to Our Little Team. Everything is Divided Equally Amongst Each Staff Member That Assisted in Preparing Your Tasty Beverages & Meals While You Dine-In, Carry-Out, or Get Delivery. This Provides Encouragement for Each Team Member to Provide Good Service, a Happy Atmosphere, & Great Food & Beverages Made with Love.

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